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Tax planning service company for cannabusinesses IRC Section 280E

We are proactive leaders, identifying issues and offering innovative solutions to enable companies to accomplish their goals
Entrepreneurs just like you need to take advantage of every tax break and save on taxes by using proactive strategies to achieve the success that they dream of.

Our tax planning cannabusiness solutions reduce the headaches, relieve the stress and help you achieve success


Our team of professionals help our clients to reduce their tax liability by the maximum amount allowed by the tax laws that allows us to find funding for their business endeavors. This helps them to achieve personal and family goals and enable the business owner clients plan for the single, most critical important financial event of their lives – the transition out of their business.


We believe that every business owner who works hard deserves to save as much money as they can, with that amount you may have each year, it may be a down payment for a new car, a payment for your child’s college or even better yet a retirement plan.


At Canethics™ Inc., we are always thinking of ways that our clients can save on taxes. Our team of professionals provide advanced tax planning strategies, advanced cost mitigation strategies, and most importantly we provide best in class resources for your issues via our network of experts. All our strategies are backed by the code that have been tested in tax courts and blessed by the IRS.