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Providing Trusted Financial Guidance, Taxation Planning, and Growth Opportunities for Companies in the Cannabis Industry


Defined by her core values of integrity, honesty, and family, CRYSTAL RELINSKI holds herself to the highest standards of personal accountability. She is an immersive, hands-on leader with a penchant for business development and strong financial acumen necessary for sound business decision making and driving bottom-line growth. Blending entrepreneurial flair with practical corporate experience, she brings a winning attitude, versatility, and an unshakable work ethic to CANETHICS, a company she co-founded and with Amit Chandel, CPA, and is poised to help clients capitalize on the immense potential of the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

Throughout her career, which has encompassed leadership roles in both nonprofit and for-profit companies, as well as startups, Crystal has eagerly embraced new challenges. Known for her commitment to excellence, she has a knack for taking the initiative, positioning herself to create positive change, and building successful teams that execute on strategy. Her partnership with Chandel, a highly regarded tax advisor, allows her to focus on developing key relationships and building the Canethics brand. The pair seek to position the firm as a market leader in the cannabis industry in advance of the legalization of cannabis in the State of California.


Crystal unburdens organizations by establishing their financial infrastructure, developing a framework for compliance, and helping them navigate the complex, ever-changing tax laws. Her mission is energized by her own personal experience and battle with fibromyalgia. In 2013, having exhausted all the traditional medical pathways to alleviate her chronic pain, she traveled from Illinois to Arizona, where she found the exact strain of cannabis that restored her vitality and enabled her to recapture her focus and productivity. Crystal has since become a crusader of sorts for the legalization of cannabis while supporting the goals of growth-oriented cannabusiness owners.